Issue 1 (2015)

Автор | 1 Листопада, 2016

Scientific works of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

(Series: Pedagogics)


№ 1


  1. Barlit Oksana, Barlit Anton. School bullying in present educational environment
  2. Bilova Julia. Some aspects of entrepreneurial competence of economists in the process of professional training
  3. Bondarenko Natali. The features of development of coherent expressions for children with the general underdevelopment of speech
  4. Buyanov Pavel. Vocational adult education in terms of social development
  5. Ventseva Nadya. Features of reformation of higher pedagogical education on Ukraine in 50th ХХ сentury
  6. Hrydzhuk Oksana. The system of exercises for the formation of professional language and communicative competence of students of forestry field of study
  7. Duda Hanna. The pedagogical model for the formation of future pilots’ specialized competence in the process of studying physics and mathematics
  8. Zavgorodnia Anastasiya. Non-traditional methods of economic competence formation of basic school students
  9. Efimenko Yriy. Metodology basis of information technologies usage in physicotechnical training of future physics teachers
  10. Ivanishin Galina. Pedagogical conditions of training of foreign medical students to professional speaking communication
  11. Kazantceva Larisa. Multi-language education of preschoolers: analysis of program-methodic documents
  12. Kanuk Gennadii, Cherniuk Artem, Pugachova Tatiana, Bezyazichny Vasilii. Laboratory modeling of the heat pump and the determination of its effectiveness
  13. Kovalenko Yulia. Formation of administrative competence of specialists in information security
  14. Koval’ Lyudmila. Elementary mathematical education in restructuring the national shkilkoyi industry
  15. Kozak Natalia. Value attitude toward health as an essential component of the education of adolescents in secondary school
  16. Kozinets Inna. Brainstorming as a form of collective problem solving
  17. Komarova Olexandra. Management education quality providing in the context of innovation processes
  18. Кulichenko А. The lincoln school of teachers college of columbia university as implementation of Ch. W. Eliot’s organizational and pedagogical ideas
  19. Lezhavskaya Anna. Essence and elemental composition of economic culture of specialist
  20. Lytvynchuk Оlga. Maintenance of health of student young people by facilities tourist services
  21. Loza Tetyana. The essence of the older teens’ personal characteristics and their impact on the process of preparing the individual for independent living
  22. Loyuk Oksana. Developmental function of education: a current view
  23. Luparenko Svetlana. The implementation of theory and practice of social-cultural maintenance of childhood in the 20th century under modern conditions
  25. Matveeva Katerina. Pedagogical conditions of prospective economists training to conduct international professional activities by means of the foreign language
  26. Moskalenko Olena. Methods of control and evaluation of professional preparation of aviation specialists
  27. Murzina Olena. The structure of value orientations of future lawyers
  28. Naboka Olga, Stupak Oksana. Management culture of a head of an educational institution a subject of scientific researches
  29. Nemchenko Sergiy. A Retrospective analysis of the first period of formation of the system of professional training for school leadership (organizational nomenclature (1917-1930rr.)
  30. Nykytyuk Lydmila. Contribution of native methodists-naturalists to development of natural education
  31. Nitenko Olga. Criteria for evaluation of foreign language competences of experts in law
  32. Ovsyannikov Alexander. The working out of the model of forming of informational competence of students of engineer-pedagogical specialities of computer profile.
  33. Osiptsov Andrey. The study of the attitude of the students in the traditional university to the phenomenon of personal human values
  34. Petrikova Oksana. Pedagogical training prerequisites solo singing in music teacher education
  35. Petrovskaya Ekateryna. The problem of risky behaviors among youth
  36. Podoprygora Natalia. Fundamentalization of teaching the mathematical methods of physics is in pedagogical universities
  37. Rozhenko Inessa. Effectiveness theoretical background management students cognitive activity in distance learning
  38. Savitsky Andrey. Methods of the organization of the individualized training of children with a down syndrome
  39. Syzonenko Iryna. Social teacher’s activity with the formation of legal behavior to teens-orphans in process of legal socialization
  40. Sosnitskaya Natalia, Moskvinа Irina, Sakhno Tamara. Distance education: a model of a modern training system
  41. Sosnickaya Nataly, Suchikova Yana. Methodical recommendation to writing of section on a labour in the qualifying robots of future engineers-teachers protection
  42. Tilcharova Xenia. Corporate culture in academic discourse, the idea of the university
  43. Tolkacheva Angeliкa. The establishment of boarding schools: a historical aspect
  44. Turchin Tamara. Developmental function of the primary general music education
  45. Fefilova Tatiana, Saenko Julia. Methodology of future teachers for primary school with parents
  46. Khatko Alla, Alekseeva Anna. Social networks as a modern means of attracting students to the university
  47. Khlopov Andrei. Developing skills of research activities first-year students of the faculty of technology and design poltava national pedagogical university as a means to study at a higher education institution
  48. Khrebtova Victorya. Pedagogical conditions of efficiency of the multicultural education of law students
  49. Tsvirkun Lyudmyla. Didactic model of the formation of the design-and-engineering competence in the graphic preparation process
  50. Chernyshova Natalia. Pedagogical thoughts of the XXth century on moral qualities up-bringing of young people
  51. Shandyba Olena. The synthesis of innovative methodical system outline of engineers’ post-graduate training to technical subjects
  52. Sharata Natalya. The main tasks of the innovation activity of higher school
  53. Shuba Victorya. Psychologo-pedagogical organization for paralympics
  54. Shuba Lydmila. Creation of ways to promoting healthy life style for primary school children in rural locality
  55. Yunik Dmitry. The barrier-stability of personnel managers as a paradigm of psycho-pedagogical science
  56. Yunik Ivan. Cognitive skills of future specialists: the content and structure
  57. Yarova Olena. Key competences in the contents of primary education in the European union
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