Issue 1 (2016)

Автор | 1 Листопада, 2016

Scientific works of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

(Series: Pedagogics)


№ 1



  1. Ageicheva A., Mangura S. Intellectual property protection in distance education
  2. Achkan Vitaliy. Innovative projects in mathematics education in the European Union.
  3. Bunchuk Oksana. The Company’s activities are school education in the days of the Soviet power in 1920
  4. Vlasova Natalya. Analysis of modern practice of formation of civil position of youth in international and Ukrainian education
  5. Volkova Tetiana. Training of future engineers-teachers of computer technology to analysis of the education market and the labor market if the process diploma projects
  6. Vilkova Oksana. Children’s folk choreography in the activities of the organizer of extra-curricular educational work in the USSR
  7. Hamza Anna. The forming of competence of the text of junior school children on the basis of linguistics
  8. Gerasymchuk Volodymyr. Sanitary and educational activity of public associations in Transcarpathia in the interwar period
  9. Glavatskikh I. Psychocorrection of life-meaningful orientations of students
  10. Dyka Nataliia, Ohar Yuliia. Implementing cognitive-communicative methods of teaching syntax in profile school
  11. Ermak Yuliya. The reorganization of the educational system of Ukraine 1917-1920 (Plan national school)
  12. Zabolotskii Anton. Simulation of distance learning universities.
  13. Kadaner Oksana. Formation of valuable attitude to the professional activity of the future teachers in the process of studying of professional disciplines
  14. Kamin Oleksandr. The heuristic aspect in the solving of the opened problems
  15. Karpenko A., Pogorelov M., Chernyshev S. Improvement of a functional-structural method of educational process using technical rationing of an expense of the worker and time
  16. Komarova A. The use of information and communication technologies in the process of learning a foreign language
  17. Kushnir Tetyana. Work with students of 8th forms on the formation of grammatical competence while learning simple complicated sentence
  18. Lasarenko Sergej. The essential dimensions of emotional and aesthetic experience of the student middle school in the context of the educational process of secondary schools
  19. Leshchenko Elsa. Socio cultural peculiarities of M. Karyshev and R. Kvitka’s educational activity – the followers of M. Korf
  20. Luparenko Svitlana, Chernoruk Lyudmila. Organization of Activity of Musical Schools in the USSR in the 1950th-1980th
  21. Luchkevych Viktoria. The role of the Francophone University Agency in the internationalization of higher education
  22. Mytsyk G. Speech therapy education and its place in the structure of the correctional and language competence of parents of preschool children with speech disorders in rural areas
  23. Nyshchak Ivan. Scientific-pedagogical bases designing of methodical system of teaching engineering-graphic disciplines future teachers of technology
  24. Ostraus Yuliia. Communicative qualities as a criterion of future family physicians’ professional communicative culture
  25. Panova Svetlana. The main factors of cultivation skills of the future teachers of mathematics
  26. Pet’ko L. Formation of professionally oriented foreign language teaching environment in the terms of university for students of Music Art specialty (on illustration of a poem «The Spider and  the Fly» by  Mary Howitt)
  27. Pochtovyuk Svitlana, Chernenko Varvara. Methodical bases of formation of information culture of the future psychologists
  28. Ryzhkova S., Belska A. The role of the innovational processes in the pedagogical activity of teachers
  29. Rozhenko Inessa. Psycho-pedagogical management сconditions of student’s cognitive activity in distance learning
  30. Syneva Tetyana, Aleksyeyeva Luydmyla, Aleksyeyev Mykola. Pedagogical conditions of development multicultural interaction of the students in the academic and educational process at a higher educational institution
  31. Dreval Yuriy, Suchikova Yana. Analysis of occupational injuries in the education institutions as a basis for improving the safety culture
  32. Sklyarenko I. The periodization of the development of educational institutions of the Ministry of Railways in the 20-60-yy XX century
  33. Solovyova Tatyana, Oleynik Irina. Group work as a means of forming healthy lifestyle of younger school students
  34. Starokozhko Olga. Generic concepts relationship ”paradigm” and ”research approach”.
  35. Stefanyshyn Kateryna. The syntactic aspect of preposition usage practice in the school course of Ukrainian language
  36. Sudilovska Maria. Philosophical and pedagogical views of G. Skovoroda in studies of D. Chyzhevsky
  37. Tolkacheva Angelica. Preventing bad habits in boarding schools pupils
  38. Tilcharova Xenia. Corporate identity – the key to academic success of the brand
  39. Ulyukayeva I. Sofiya Rusova’s concept of preschool education
  40. Ustymenko Yu. Diagnostic tools for determination of the levels of future dentists’readiness to professional cooperation by means of interactive methods
  41. Ushmarova Viktoriia. Substantiation of regular phenomena and principles of readiness of primary school teachers to work with gifted pupils in the system of continuous pedagogical education
  42. Khalabuzar O. Implementation synergistic approach in preparation of future philologists
  43. Tsaryk Olga. Culture of speech of students in the schools of Western Ukraine in the early twentieth century
  44. Chernysheva Natalia. The origins of ideas in youth education charity
  45. Shevchenko M., Belska A. The development of the communicational culture of a personality as an important aspect of the educational process
  46. Shevchuk O. Psychological Principles in designing and developing expert training systems
  47. Shykula Rostislav. The using the Natural Museum resources in the Private Higher Education Establishment «Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities» (the city of Rivne)
  48. Shumilova I. Students’ self-education on the questions of forming common cultural competence
  49. Yudina Olga. Building students’ foreign language professionally-oriented communicative competence based on Internet sources use
  50. Unic T. Innovative technologies phased memorization material musical composition student, pianist
  51. Yarova Olena. School-based management as a tool of democratization of the European primary education
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