Issue 3 (2015)

Автор | 1 Листопада, 2016

Scientific works of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

(Series: Pedagogics)


№ 3



  1. Bardus Irina. Personality of engineer-pedagogue of computer type and the problem of development of technical disciplines
  2. Boyko K., Vahina N. Didactic computer game as a means of developing maths learning of 5-6 forms’ pupils
  3. Buslenko Oksana. Genesis and the current state of design activity
  4. Butyrina Marina. Preparation of the future teachers of technology to secure teaching
  5. Buyanov P. Adult Learning technologies features
  6. Belikova Maria. Features of technological education of pupils of comprehensive school
  7. Vdovenko Olena. Independent work complex as a basis of future workers’creative skills formation
  8. Vovk Nadiya. Pedagogical conditions of effective training of future technology teachers to create the culture of consumption in students
  9. Voytovych Oksana. Scientific and research activity of future environmental of the foundations of production technologies
  10. Wolkodav Tatiana. Diagnosis readiness Jr. future bakalavrov Finance-economic proffesyonalnomu the Profile for samoobrazovanyyu
  11. Voronova Svitlana. State and public administration of comprehensive educational establishment: historical background and modern age
  12. Voіevoda Alina. Formation of self-educational skills of future teachers of mathematics
  13. Ventseva Nadezhda. Features of functioning of the system of higher pedagogical education of Ukraine in 1905-1917.
  14. Gorshkova Hanna. Using MOODLE system in studying of the higher mathematics by future metallurgical engineers
  15. Iemchyk Oleksandra. Methods of creative potential development of a future teacher’s personality in the process of professional training
  16. Kislovа Maria. Design of the training content of Mathematics future engineer-electrician
  17. Kleino L. Some aspects of modern development of distance learning within the highest pedagogical educational institutions
  18. Kobylyanska Irina, Kobylyansky Alexander. Analysis of Categories-conceptual apparatus of life safety
  19. Kovalenko O. Improving of the quality of teaching of foreign languages in a higher educational establishment by means of multimedia facilities in the process of training of future economists
  20. Kovalenko Olga. Organization of educational work in the training of future engineers-educators by means of computer technologies of project management
  21. Kondratskaya G. Contradictions of communicative culture specialist movlennevoyi physical education
  22. Korsunskyi О. Methodolodgy of spatially-graphic designerduring educating of students-designers to bases of art forms
  23. Kosylo Khrystyna. Scientific, educational and publishing activities Vretsona Hryhoriy
  24. Kravchyk Oksana. The System of Exercises for Improving the Skills in Linguistic Analysis of Text among the Students of Philological Faculty
  25. Kuzmenko Olha. A study of concept of symmetry is in the process of studies of physics of solid
  26. Kulinka Yuliya. Modern approaches to the formation of the design competence of students while learning the basics of identity.
  27. Kushnir Tetiana. The formation of students’ grammatical competence during the learning of syntax in secondary school.
  28. Lavrentieva Olena. The modern scientific-and-theoretical foundations of culturological training process of future physics and technologies teachers’.
  29. Lazorenko Liudmyla. The objectives and content of training oral academic monologue speech future mathematicians (level C1)
  30. Logoida Ivanna. Preparation of the future teacher through the development of creative abilities.
  31. Marchenko Aleksandr. The professional and personality image of future mechanical engineers: the physical component
  32. Matvieieva О. On the Problem of Diagnostics of Social and Professional Competence of Future Teachers of Music
  33. Melnyk Olexiy. Electronic textbook as basis of preparation of teacher.
  34. Mykytenko Viktoriya. The synergy of different pedagogic technologies is used during the learning process of minor sentence
  35. Moskvina Irina. Analysis of modern possibilities of improving the quality of training of specialists of the technological industry in Ukraine
  36. Mulyk Ekaterina. Modern aspects of tourism-regional studies in the preparation of specialists in sports tourism
  37. Nemchenko Sergey. In the article “A retrospective analysis of the sixth period of the establishment of vocational training school leaders
  38. Nikitina А. Polycode texts as a linguodidactic means of teaching the Ukrainian language
  39. Ostapchuk Svitlana. Assessment of students’ knowledge achievements in the context of school education in Ukraine (1917 – 1944)
  40. Panchenko Lubov, Lavrinenko Nataly. Problems of using multi-agent systems in the preparation of the future specialists in the field of information technology
  41. Panchenko Oksana. Education training as an important factor of forming the future mechanical engineers thinking.
  42. Pelageychenko Nicolay. Features of the formation of project culture of future teacher.
  43. Petskovich D., Chepelyuk A., Kushnir G.  The System of formation of creativity of future teachers of physical culture in the process of tourist and local history activity
  44. Pustynnikova Irina, Lomakin Nikita. The Implementation of the Activity Approach in the Learning Program devoted to the Law of Momentum Conservation.
  45. Pydlisnycha Nataliia. Developing the capabilities of modern teaching aids in learning solid geometry in high school.
  46. Reshetilova O. Modern approaches and patterns of formation of professional competence of the future documentologists in a higher education institution
  47. Rozman Irina. Activity of pedagogical groups in Transcarpathia: historical aspect
  48. Savchenko L. Evaluation of educational achievements of future teachers by means of pedagogical diagnostics technology
  49. Saenko Julia. Ecological tours in the preparation of future primary school
  50. Semenova Elena. Teacher modelling its functions and components
  51. Sklyarenko Inna. Formation and development of technical schools of communications agencies in Ukraine in the second half ХІХ the early ХХ century
  52. Slipukhina Irina, Mieniailov Sergii, Maximov Sergii, Podlasov Sergii. Cooperation of the scientific and technical and technological worldview as aspect of the formation of the future engineer’ mind-set
  53. Smakovsky Y. Theoretical bases of modeling of process formation of pedagogical culture of the future teachers by means of the spiritaul music
  54. Stadnik Alexander, Moroz Ivan, Shkurdoda Yuri, Yaremenko Aleksey. Development of nano education – one of the factors for the transition to the sixth technological order
  55. Silveystr Anatoly. Laboratory classes in Physics as a form of experimental skills and abilities development for future teachers of Chemistry and Biology
  56. Ulyukaeva Irina. Development of Preschool Education in Ukraine during 1960-1990s
  57. Fedorenko Elena. Model for the formation of self-competence of future teachers of technology by means of information and communication technologies
  58. Нalabazar Oksana. Innovative pedagogical technologies in professional training of future specialists.
  59. Tsina Valentyna. Technology adaptation of future teachers to the conditions of the educational-professional activity
  60. Chayka Angela. Problems of gender disparity in GEE: Analysis and Present
  61. Chyrchyk Sergiy. Work with gifted children from theory to practice
  62. Chumak Olena. Formation of probabilistic and stochastic skills of future engineers using computer-based learning aids
  63. Chupryna Ganna. Development of Creative Thinking of Future Teachers at the Study of Academic Disciplines on Protection of Information
  64. Shevchuk Larysa. Organization of work with textual information in country school
  65. Shyshkin Gennadiy. Preparation of the future teachers of physics for the organization of creative activity of students
  66. Shulga Natalia. Structure of educational activity with Stochastics: values component
  67. Yablokov Serhii. Implementing the ideas of “dialogue of cultures” as a pedagogical condition for formation of common cultural competence of future teachers of foreign languages
  68. Yakovleva V. Information and communication technologies in educational activities of students as a source of their life соmpetence
  69. Tatyana Yarkho, Tatyana Emelyanova. The formation of mathematical competence of the future scientific-pedagogical human resources within the framework of the system of continuous professional preparation of M.A. students and post-graduate students of a modern technical university
  70. Yatsko Oksana. The structure and content of future competence in computer science of economics
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