Issue 3 (2016)

Автор | 14 Грудня, 2017

Scientific works of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

(Series: Pedagogics)


№ 3



Evtouch Nikolai. Paradigmatic approach as a methodological basis for the historical study of higher pedagogical education of Ukraine

Nischeta Volodymyr. The phenomena of rhetoric in the context of sociology and cultural studies

Popova Anastasia. Problems of social workers training in terms of university education in Ukraine and Sweden: a comparative analysis

Tolkachova Anzhelika. The tolerancy as a psychological and pedagogical problem

Cherednik Lidiya. The essence and structure of pedagogical tolerance primary school teacher

Brezhneva Helen. Didactic story game as a factor of mastering of mathematical maintence by preschoolers: applied aspect

Zykova Claudia. Study of the interrelationship between the fundamental physical and mathematical constants in physics lessons at the 11-th form

Kravets Nina. Complex using of innovative teaching technologies at literature lessons and upbrining of mentally retarded pupils as active readers

Poletylo Sergey. Using the experiment for study of physical facts in terms of the lesson

Bezliudna Vita. The modernization of the content of professional training of future foreign language teachers in conditions of renewal of pedagogical education of the end of the XX century

Bondarenko Evgeniya. Training and interactive technologies as the formation process of the professional and speech competence of future navigators

Burnazova Vira. The artistry as one of the factors of executive independence of future music teacher

Dubinets Іryna. Musical and theoretical disciplines within the process of professional training of future music teacher: goals and tasks

Zelensky Aleksandr, Lazarenko Andriy. Effect of temperature on radioactive sample on run length of α- and β- particles

Ilchuk Lina. The innovational approach in training of future music teacher to teaching of pupils by means of bell-ringing art

Kernytsky Alexander. Pedagogical conditions of training the future engineers-teachers to using of subject-subject interaction in the educational process

Kobiyk Yulia. Basic training requirements to prepare of primary school teachers in Australia

Medvedieva Olena. The pecularities of the system of education in Spain

Mezhuyev Vitaliy. DEMO: the computer system for instructional modelling of physical pro-cesses and phenomena

Savitska Alla. Organizational and pedagogical conditions of formation of readiness fo pilots in international peacekeeping operations

Sliusarenko Oleg. Leadership qualities of specialists of pharmaceutical sphere

Solyar Larysa. Sandwich-model of forming the ethno-cultural competence at future music art teachers 

Stepaniuk Kateryna. Practical aspects of formation of research skills of future primary school teachers

Khalabuzar Oksana. Innovative processes of improving professional training linguists in the context of the modernization of education

Khoroshailo Olena, Yakovenko Yulia. The using of didactic games at high schools as an interactive method of education

Chepeliuk Anna, Fedak Olena, Maksimiuk Yaroslava. Features of differentiated approach in the educational process of future physical culture teacher

Yudina Olga. Methodical bases of students’ foreign language training for business professional communication

Datsko Olha. The cooperation of the European University Association with the Arab and African educational organizations in the field of higher education quality assurance

Kravchenko Olena. Principles of the modeling of the university’s strategic development

Lytovchenko Iryna. Learning organization as a phenomenon of modern knowledge economy: American context

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