Issue 1 (2018)

Автор | 4 Липня, 2018

Scientific works of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

(Series: Pedagogics)


№ 1



Galetskyi Sergii (Ostrog). The history of the development of distance education in the world
Druzhenenko Raisa (Kyiv). The role of pedagogical system approach in designing a concept “methodical system of language teaching”
Mislitska Natalia, Zabolotny Volodymyr (Vinnitsa). The methodical instructions of teacher during organization of physics study
Onypchenko Oksana (Kharkiv). Familistic and preparation of children and adolescents for family life in the domestic of pedagogical thought (60-80s of the twentieth century)
Savosh Valentyn (Lutsk). The essence of components of dyad “education – self-education” in the context of eirarchic-level structure, result, teacher’s and pupil’s thoughts
Yarova Olena (Berdiansk). Regulatory-strategic, organizational and content basics of primary education in Ukraine
Hladun Tetiana (Kharkiv). The development of social competence of parents who bring up a child, who has the autistic development disturbance spectrum, with the help of cinema art
Sakharova Olena (Mykolayiv). Toys as a method of aesthetic education of preschool age children
Semenyako Julia (Berdiansk). Аge features of preschool children’s perception of media products
Kulyk Olena (Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky). The place of speech development in the structure of students’ communicative competence
Litvinenko Oksana (Kyiv). The technology of formation of social activity of younger students in extracurricular educational activities
Petko Lyudmila (Kyiv). The state standard for elementary education in the views of social activity formation in a child
Smakovskiy Yuriy. (Berdiansk). Organization and content of the constant experiment for the formation of pedagogical culture of future music teachers
Сheckovskaya Olesya (Tiraspol, Moldova). Types of exercises in integrated Russian and English lessons
Yaroshchuk Liliya (Berdiansk). Testing as the method of pedagogical control of future primary school teachers
Androschuk Iryna (Khmelnitsky). The methods of training of future teachers of labour and technologies to pedagogical interaction
Bian Lulu (Sumy). Pedagogical conditions for formation of the broadcasting culture of students from the PRC in the process of professional training
Verbivskyi Dmytrii (Zhytomyr). Social education and social realization of future teachers of informatics on the basis of student self-government
Voitovska Oksana (Kyiv). System-forming components of professional development of physical training teachers in the conditions of postgraduate pedagogical education
Ihnatenko Sergii (Kyiv). Сonceptual and theoretical aspects of pedagogical technologies of formation of future primary school teachers’ safety life culture
Konovalska Lyudmila (Berdiansk). The axiological and cultural-logical approaches to the professional training of future teachers of physical training for the physical-cultural-healing work at the high school
Kosenko Yulia (Mariupol). Providing the emotional development of preschoolers: training of preschool teachers at the stage of professional education
Kulinka Julia (Krivoy Rog). The game design as a professional and oriented technology of forming of future specialists’ desing culture
Minhalova Yuliia (Zhytomyr). Informational and communicative technologies as one of the means of realization of scientific and research activity of students of department of physics and mathematics
Nikonenko Tetyana (Berdiansk). Pedagogical conditions of training of primary education masters for using of technologies of context teaching
Ostenda Alexander, Nestorenko Tetyana, Ostenda J. (Katowice, Poland; Berdiansk, Ukraine; Katowice, Poland). Practical education on a higher level in Poland: example of katowice school of technology
Pavlenko Eugeniy (Mariupol). Physical activity in forming of health-related lifestyle of university students
Rubel Iryna (Odessa). Visual thinking as an essential part of visual culture of future art teacher
Ryzhkova Svitlana (Slovyansk). The problem of professional socialization of future foreign languages teachers in modern educational environment
Salnyk Iryna (Kropivnitsky). Methodological and methodical aspects of development of creative personality of future physics teacher
Syzonenko Irene, Turgeneva Anastasia (Berdiansk). Organizational and methodical aspects of organization of professionally-oriented (simultaneous) practice for students of social pedagogy specialty
Sikora Yaroslava (Zhytomyr). Knowledge management in the process of forming of competences of future informatics teachers
Spirin Oleg, Vakaliuk Tetiana (Kyiv, Zhitomyrt). Cloud oriented intellectual maps as a way of informational and analytical support of teacher’s professional activity
Ternavska Liliya (Berdiansk). Cognitive barrier as a means of activisation of students’ foreign language activity
Tolstova Olga (Zhytomyr). Readiness of future teachers to humanitarization of mathematical education of pupils by ICT activities
Tsybulska Viktoriia (Uman). Motivation of students of pedagogical specialties for physical education and sports classes
Chervonska Liliya (Melitopol). Features of professional training of students-choreographers in modern high school
Shevchuk Alexander (Starobilsk). Creating and using of highly effective information technologies of teaching in the professional training of specialists of financial and economic field
Shcherbakova Katerina, Shcherbakova Nadezhda (Mariupol, Berdіansk). Organization of Independent work of magistracy students
Ponomareva Olha (Kyiv). Pedagogical conditions for upbringing tolerance in senior school pupils