Issue 3 (2017)

Автор | 4 Липня, 2018

Scientific works of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

(Series: Pedagogics)


№ 3



Aliiev Khan (Kharkiv). Foreign experience of implementation the distance learning in universities
Bhinder Natalia (Khmelnytskyi). Agency-specific professional training of border guards in the Republic of India
Gupik Ivan (Kyiv). The role of decorative & applied art in the development of modern woodworking business
Mostipaka Tetyana. (Zhitomir). The role of the teacher’s health saving competence in modern educational conditions
Muzychenko Svitlana (Chernigov). Principles of using the information technologies in the educational process
Rogozina Olga (Berdyansk). Scientific research activity as a component of personality’s self-education and self-realization
Sokol Maryana (Drohobych). Explication of concept “high education quality” (foreign experience)
Nikolaenko Larysa (Sumy). Multimedia technologies as a means of developing of musical and creative abilities of 6-7 year old children
Okhrimenko Lidiya (Poltava). The pedagogical grounding of the variable module “The history of ukrainian costume” for pupils of the 10-11 forms
Andreev Andriy (Zaporizhzhia). The place of information technology in the process of formation at future physics teachers the readiness to organization of students’ innovative activity
Antoniuk Dmytro (Zhitomir). The model of forming of economic competence of technical specialties students with using of business simulations
Bazylchuk Oleg, Bazylchuk Vira (Khmelnytskyi). The Israel experience in professional training of future specialists in physical therapy in higher educational establishments
Bardus Irina (Kharkiv). The determination of regularities of software evolution of computer engineering as a condition of fundamentalization of future specialists’ professional training in the field of information technologies
Barkanov Artem (Berdyansk). Technical engineering in agrotechnical colleges as a method of motivation to physics study
Bezkopylny Olexandr, Matusevych A. (Cherkasy). The health saving competence as an important component of professional readiness of future physical culture teachers to work at secondary school
Bilyk Valentyna (Kyiv). The nature and science preparation of future psychologists in higher education institutions in the context of modern paradigm of higher education
Buslenko Oksana (Kyiv). The role of educational discipline “Work in material” in special training of modern technology teacher
Voitovska Oksana (Kyiv). Terminology of professional development of physical training teachers in conditions of postgraduate pedagogical education
Viala О., Putrov S. (Kyiv). The conceptual apparatus of forming the readiness of future physical culture teachers to professional self-realization in health-improving activities
Hevko Ihor (Ternopil). The features of factors of technology teachers’ professional orientation and competence
Gorbunov Leonid, Zvyagintsevа Oxana, Vorfolomeevа Valentyna (Kharkiv). Methodology of iteraсtive learning in higher education
Dannik Lyudmila (Berdyansk). The methodical aspects of using the informational and communicative technologies in training of future technological education specialists
Danchenko Irina (Kharkiv). Diagnosis and analysis of levels of formation of teachers’ readiness for the formation of social maturity of students of higher agricultural educational institutions: the preliminary stage of the pedagogical experiment
Dyrda Iryna (Krivoy Rіg). Realization of approaches to the development of foreign students’ polycultural competence during the Ukrainian language training
Zhyhir Victoria (Berdyansk). Application of pedagogical problems in professional preparation of future teacher
Kazishvili Giorgi (Gori, Georgia). Service quality assessment in the retail trade enterprises (case of Gori region)
Kravchenko Julia, Konoval’skaya Lyudmila, Suschenko Lyudmila (Berdyansk, Kуіv). The training of future physical culture teacher at high educational establishments as the priority direction of high physical-cultural education
Kryvyleva Olena (Berdyansk). Organizational and pedagogical conditions of psychological and pedagogical training of future professional and technical educational establishments’ teachers
Melnychenko Ruslana (Zhitomir). The theoretical basis of professional competence formation of specialized school’s biology teacher
Mosiiuk Oleksandr (Zhitomir). UX prototyping sites as a basis for the web design specialists training
Panchenko Lubov, Samovilova Nataliya (Starobilsk). Information technologies as a factor of transparent and reproducible research
Ruskulis Liliia (Kherson). The seminar in the methodical system of preparation of future Ukrainian language teacher
Samborska Olena (Khmelnytskyi). The pedagogical conditions of training of masters in technology education for monitoring of students’ educational achievements
Solomenko Artem (Krivoy Rog). The methodical system of the development of students’ critical thinking in the process of study of theoretical physics
Soltyk Oleksandr (Khmelnytskyi). The defining of correlation between individual qualities of physical culture teacher and Indicators of his professional reliability
Sorochak Andriy, Fedak Sergiy (Ternopil). The peculiarities of teaching the discipline “Software for engineering design” to foreign students with English language of studying
Steshenko Volodymyr, Steshenko Bohdan (Slovyansk). The characteristics of subject field of professional activities of modern vocational training and technologies’ teacher
Tokarska Olesya (Zhitomir). The informational teacher’s competence as a factor of pedagogical workshop
Shkola Olexandr (Berdyansk). The training program of generalization of students ‘knowledge in the course of theoretical physics
Liubarets Vladislava (Kyiv). Informational and educational environment of the university as a factor of professional and personal formation of future specialists in the field of tourism
Vorobyova Oksana (Kyiv). The regulatory legal regulation in the field of higher regulation: modern state
Karpiluk Svitlana (Zhitomir). The analysis of some domestic informational and analytical web-oriented systems of management by the educational precess at higher schools
Savenko Igor (Poltava). Training of future teachers of design and technologies at the pedagogical university